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Turkey Tail

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Turkey tail mushroom (Coriolus trametes) has been used in Traditional Chinese medicine for over 2000 years, and has been extensively researched for the powerful immune supporting, antioxidant qualities, most of which are attributed to the  amazing polysaccharopeptides it contains. In 2012 researchers at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine found that Turkey Tail is especially useful toward supporting strong natural immunity in dogs, in very unprecedented ways that could very well revolutionize the treatment of immune compromised animals. To read more, CLICK HERE. Animal Essentials Turkey Tail Mushroom Supplement for dogs and cats is comprised of 100% certified organic Coriolus trametes, grown in the USA.

  Except for residual amounts of the certified organic oats the mushrooms are grown on, there are no fillers, preservatives, colorings or flavors added. Just the good stuff!

   Dosing scoop is included.


Active Ingredients
Per 1 scoop (1500mg):

Certified Organic Turkey Tail mushroom (Trametes
versicolor) mycelial biomass powder................. 1200 mg

Inactive Ingredients:  Organic oats.

Directions:  Administer orally.  

Dogs: One scoop (1500 mg) for each 10 lbs of body weight, 2-3 times
daily or as directed by your veterinarian.

Cats: 1/2 scoop , 1-3 times daily or as directed by your veterinarian.


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