2000mg Organic Hemp Oil
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2000mg Organic Hemp Oil

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Green Element Organic Hemp Oil for Pets has only two ingredients: USDA Organic Full-spectrum Hemp Extract and USDA Organic Coconut Oil (MCT). This is as simple as it gets. Our high-potency, human-grade, full-spectrum hemp extract helps you increase your pets’ well-being without introducing any artificial or unnecessary ingredients. 

This product is highly concentrated. Consult your veterinarian to determine if Green Element products are appropriate for your pets. Always start at the low end of the dosage range and adjust as needed based on how your pet responds. 

All Green Element products are made with organic hemp grown and extracted right here in Oregon. All our products undergo rigorous testing at independent labs. We’re committed to remaining transparent with the full test results. We don’t add preservatives, flavors, or artificial ingredients of any kind. And we never will.


Full-spectrum Hemp Extract*


Fractionated coconut oil (MCT)*

*Denotes USDA Organic Ingredient